I helped make a video game

During my third semester in the MoVal Gaming program I and the rest of the artists were invited to participate in the making of video games with students at the University of Riversides game programming course. The game I worked on was called segway smashers, I created all of the artwork and a 5 of UCR’s students programmed the game. The game was built on the OGRE engine and I have to say, if I never see OGRE I will be all too happy. After many problems we finally got a working proof of concept together and the video on the bottom shows the game in action. The video clip doesnt show the final boss which is the red version of the goblin.

Goblin on his segway
Goblin with segway and lights
Red Goblin “Boss” on his segway
Charlie the Chainsaw Mclintlock
Charlies Chainsaw
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This is the goblin model and walk cycleI created for the modelling and animation class. It was featured on the commercial ad used to promote the MoVal Gaming program.

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This is another model I worked on for my Modelling and Animation class at Moreno Valley College, the Protoss are an advanced race of aliens found in the Starcraft Universe created by Blizzard Entertainment.

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This is the first model I made in Maya, it was quite the learning experience when I started and I ran into many difficulties. The model is a called a Pitlord. The Pitlord is from the Warcraft Universe created by Blizzard Entertainment. I finished my first semester and continued working on it for the next 3 classes.

Texture Map:

texture map for pitlord

pitlord normal mapPitlord Render

Pitlord Render

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Hello world!

Well lets start this crazyness shall we, first of all an introduction. My name is Chad Kanehokuokalani Van Wye. I know, I know what the heck kind of middle name is Kanehokuokalani. Well Kanehokuokalani is a Hawaiian name. My grandmother  on my fathers side Louisana Huliwahine Kauhola was pure hawaiian which is a pretty special thing. I would consider myself a quarter Hawaiian and the rest just your typical mongrel white boy. A couple years back I started taking classes on 3d animation, modelling, and rendering. Since then I have finished all of the courses being taught at Moreno Valley College. I am going to start this blog off with the different models and animations that I worked on at Moreno Valley College.

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